Szeno-Forum: “Excluded Voices” in the Market!! Vienna 2017

Szeno-Forum: Ausgeschlossene Stimmen  Excluded Voices // Voces excluidas Non verbal theater play + multilingual forum* COMING SOON IN THE MARKET!  VIENNA 2017 (VOLKERTMARKT, 1020. 2. September at 11a.m.) An open performance on diversity and coexistence, a collective thought process stemming from the body and in constant movement. An opportunity to act in our reality. JOIN [...]

Szeno-Forum en TOMA TEATRO! Lavapiés 2017

Szeno-Forum "Voces excluidas  Excluded Voices // Ausgeschlossene Stimmen Obra no-verbal para todas las edades + Foro multilingüe* PRÓXIMA PRESENTACIÓN EN TOMA TEATRO 2017 (Lavapiés. 21 de Mayo 12h.) Una acción abierta sobre diversidad y convivencia. Una oportunidad para actuar en nuestra realidad. Partiendo de la premisa: todas las personas tenemos voz, Theater for Inclusion presenta [...]

The VIENNA SOCIAL reTOURns in June 2017!!!!

In October 2016 three people committed to work together in the second planning phase of the Vienna Social Tour 2017 “reTOURns” (VST 2017). In this phase we have reflected on the project aims we established when we first met in Summer 2016, on our achievements so far and on our strengths, needs, and limitations as [...]

Journey to the “Value of being different”

Versión en Español A small group of dreamers met up  in Vienna in July 2016 to dream together: How would be a community  theatre and social inclusion encounter in Spring 2017 in Vienna? How could a common space be,  where we can share our stories and our creative process experiences?  How could we [...]

Vienna Social Tour 2016

VIENNA SOCIAL TOUR. 11-15 JULY 2016. As the Vienna Social Tour 'El Valor de ser diferente // The Value of being different // Der Wert anders zu sein” has come to a close, we wanted to share some impressions with you, make a first statement, and express our immense gratitude. The word "value" ('valor') [...]

Program 2016

PROGRAM 2016: WALKING TOWARDS SOCIAL INCLUSION Each month, one step towards social inclusion... one door will be open for a new process... one space will be created for collective learning... LET'S EXPERIENCE INCLUSION VALUES THROUGH COMMUNITY THEATER: seminars // workshops // creative process // *All of our workshops are MULTILINGUAL ­ Currently we have [...]