Social Tour for Inclusion. From Cazalla (Seville) to Vienna (Austria)

Weaving NETS from Cazalla de la Sierra (Sevilla, Spain) to Vienna (Austria) SOCIAL TOUR “El valor de ser diferente/ The value of being different / Der [...]

The VIENNA SOCIAL reTOURns in June 2017!!!!

In October 2016 three people committed to work together in the second planning phase of the Vienna Social Tour 2017 “reTOURns” (VST 2017). In this [...]

Journey to the “Value of being different”

Versión en Español A small group of dreamers met up  in Vienna in July 2016 to dream together: How would be a community  [...]

Vienna Social Tour 2016

VIENNA SOCIAL TOUR. 11-15 JULY 2016. As the Vienna Social Tour 'El Valor de ser diferente // The Value of being different // Der [...]