Excluded Voices // Voces excluidas //

Ausgeschlossene Stimmen

  1. The Collective Creative Process.

The community theatre group IMPRODUCTIVOS (Viena, Austria) participated in 2016 in a 5-months collective creative process. We researched and created a theater piece about the exclusion and inclusion processes. We worked weekely around our questions, using theater as a tool for our personal discovering and the group research.

Through open interviews to 8 diferent people, we explore 16 real stories about social exclusion and social inclusion. Step by step we created 3 different scenes with the story social commons. The «Excluded voices» is the story of anyone of us.



2. The Szeno-Forum.

Szeno-Forum is the tool developed by the people from ART KO LÈ Association since 2012. It is our research-action tool. It is an open dialog (Forum) that starts with a performative presentation (theater, film, body-performance, games…) to make the Question. The forum is moderated and documented for our next phase: reflection process (data analysis and synthesis)

Our first research-action process is «Szeno-Forum: mit Hand und Fuss ins kollektives Lernen» // «en Cuerpo y Alma en el aprendizaje colectivo» // «putting heart and soul in collective learning».

In this case, in June 2016, the group IMPRODUCTIVOS created the space for an aesthetic dialogue between the performance and the audience (similar to Forum Theater), a personal experience of discovery and of aesthetic commitment, in which the viewers could participate on the stage.

IMG 20170521 WA0001

We presented an open performance on diversity and coexistence, a collective process stemming from the body and in constant movement, an opportunity to act in our reality.

Are there really persons without a voice or is it simply that we are not interested in listening to them?

Where are the barriers that make it harder for people to access and be a part of a community life?

Are these barriers visible to all?

What is there an interest for in silencing the spaces where citizen participate and community cultural development take place?


3. The Reflection Process.

Diversity is a feature of Nature itself. Human beings are eco-dependent and dependent on one another. As social beings, we need to feel included. Is this possible to accomplish in the social system that we currently live in? What makes me valuable to society? What is necessary for a person to feel included? How do we visualize the barriers that prevent us from participating in a social life? Where do we allocate responsibilities?

Every person has a story to tell. In every story, the person who tells it is the main character. We are the main character of our own lives and supporting actors in the lives of others.

Within the project «Walking towards social inclusion», the month of June was dedicated to `collective resources´ and alternatives for coexistence.


23.June.2016. Vienna.- KulturZentrum Amerlinghaus. 1070.  FOTOS

2.September.2016. Vienna.- Verein M.U.T. 1050.  VIDEO

11.March.2017. Torrelodones. (Madrid)- Cooperativa CEADI-Centro de apoyo al desarrollo infantil.  FOTOS // VIDEO

21. May.2017. Lavapiés (Madrid)- Festival TOMA TEATRO. FOTOS


2.September.2017. Vienna.- Szeno-Forum am Markt!  Go for it!!

22.October.2017. Madrid – Szeno-Forum en la Plaza! COMING SOON!


Would you like the Szeno-Forum for your community?

Write us an eMail contact@theaterforinclusion.com We are glad to know from you and work together!