Journey to the «Value of being different»

Versión en Español A small group of dreamers met up  in Vienna in July 2016 to dream together: How would be a community  theatre and social inclusion encounter in Spring 2017 in Vienna? How could a common space be,  where we can share our stories and our creative process experiences?  How could we [...]

Vienna Social Tour 2016

VIENNA SOCIAL TOUR. 11-15 JULY 2016. As the Vienna Social Tour 'El Valor de ser diferente // The Value of being different // Der Wert anders zu sein” has come to a close, we wanted to share some impressions with you, make a first statement, and express our immense gratitude. The word "value" ('valor') [...]

Program 2016: Walking towards social Inclusion

PROGRAM 2016: WALKING TOWARDS SOCIAL INCLUSION Each month, one step towards social inclusion... one door will be open for a new process... one space will be created for collective learning... LET'S EXPERIENCE INCLUSION VALUES THROUGH COMMUNITY THEATER: seminars // workshops // creative process // *All of our workshops are MULTILINGUAL ­ Currently we have [...]

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