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Versión en Español



It all starts with a seed: the power of a living being. The core of Improspañol was planted by Irene and Paris in 2012 in Vienna, with the first improvisational theatre workshops for Spanish-speaking people.


The core of the seed contains the DNA: all the basic information for the being to grow. Our DNA is composed of:

  • Desire: we want to be an inclusive community: All people bring something to the community. All contributions are valid and necessary to the group.
  • Need: we need to weave a network of support among people: Everybody knows something, nobody knows everything. Recovery of interdependence and connection between people.
  • Attitude: we have an improvisational attitude towards life: We play with what we have, here and now. As a team.

For potential to convert itself into action, interaction with the world around us, which provides nutrients and necessary care, is necessary. In the last three years, with each workshop (mostly in Vienna but also elsewhere in Austria, Europe, and in Latin America), with each group, with each person, … we have grown richer in experiences, emotions, challenges and learning, all of which have allowed us to deepen our roots and grow new branches and buds.

The deeper my roots, the more I grow”. The roots of Improspañol essentially comprise three highly interconnected areas from which the basic nutrients are taken and on the basis of which the whole body grows:

  • Art: Starts with improvisational theatre – a big yes; Here and now-. The roots deepen in other theatrical techniques (theatre of the oppressed) and integrate the arts in theatre (plastic, visual, musical, ..)
  • Social-Community commitment: It draws on the Group processes – Cooperation; Coexistence.
  • Personal-Emotional perspective: It draws from inclusion processes – Access and active participation; collective learning.

The process of Improspañol’s growth has a cyclical form: Research – Action – Systematization. This is how our cultural heritage has been generated:

In each activity, we connect with the body and emotions; we recover sensitive thinking (in the terminology of A.Boal)

The bulk of our tools are games, exercises and group dynamics.

We are interested in visualizing and transforming communication barriers: We open multilingual spaces and empower communication between people in the face of language hegemony.

We work in educational settings and in community settings.

We facilitate processes of collective creation from the theatre, and we are enriched by integrating other arts.
DNA multiplication process occurs by contact in concrete and sustained actions. Each person who gets involved picks up what we have to sow. We feel that the people who maintain and look after our seedings grow and flourish within.

What we do and develop in Vienna is valuable to many people. We trust that it has a social impact and that some people continue to sow what they have picked up: the team for training and multiplying activities. A sower shares what they know, what they have and what they can do, nothing more … Do not pretend to be anyone else, don’t pretend to show or give lessons in life, do not pretend to convince anybody. Each organism / being develops its own phenotype: who it is and how it behaves, based on its own life experiences.

DNA does not determine everything; with this genotype multiple phenotypes are developed according to environmental circumstances.


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