Weaving NETS from Cazalla de la Sierra (Sevilla, Spain) to Vienna (Austria)

SOCIAL TOUR “El valor de ser diferente/

The value of being different / Der Wert anders zu sein”

Monday, February 27, the “Theatre for Inclusion” trip starts from Cazalla de la Sierra (Sevilla, Spain). We will join friends in a Contemporary Culture Space, to organize a community day “The value of the experience”.

Our goal is to arrive in Vienna (Austria), where we will join the Cultural Association ART KO LÉ and the Vienna Social Tour in June 2017.

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The route of the Social Tour:

The following actions have been confirmed:

February, the 23rd .- The Tour Begins!!!! -Gallo Rojo (Sevilla, Spain)- A different event of connection, movement, Improv theatre and much more!!

February, the 27th .- Community Day “The value of Experience”. We will take part in the Official Opening of The Happiness and Contemporary Culture Space Cazalla (Sevilla, Spain).

March, the 4th.- Training day “Instructors with Values” –We will support the inauguration of the workshop organized by Kieu Project in Numancia de la Sagra (Toledo, Spain).

March, the 11th.- “The Value of Being Different” Session –A step to create a Community Inclusive Net with CEADI colleagues.

We will present the Szeno-Forum: “Excluded Voices” (Originally developed by the Unproductive Theatre Group of Vienna in June 2016)


There are some other worthy stops not yet confirmed and still required of support and care 😉

March, the 16th – Zaragoza (Spain)

March, the 20th – Barcelona-Girona (Spain)

March, around the 22-26 – Montpellier, Dijon (France)

March, the 27th – Voralberg (Austria)

And then… Munich – Salzburgo – … Vienna!!!!


How is the SOCIAL TOUR thinking to travel?

The Social Tour places value on CARING and SUSTAINABILITY CULTURE to stay alive.

We would like to travel in a sustainable and balanced way, exchanging what we have and what we need constantly. In our path, we will need projects (and people) TOUR FRIENDLY, that want to welcome and support us, joining the NET.

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  • We will be 2 or 3 people travelling, who will need a place to eat and rest.

  • We will need to be co-funded to travel and move on.

  • Our activities are offered to people involved in local projects who want to organize a session or community event to develop their own work (setting, communication and logistic support).


We would like to encourage and support local development (community and culture development) exchanging our experiences and resources to enable human and project CONNECTIONS. Our final goal is to create a real community, a SUPPORTIVE SOCIAL NET.

Tour Social 5

We will create together the activities that fit best to the current necessities of your social group-community.

Theater for Inclusion will provide the contents related with a Community Session called “El valor de ser diferente/ The value of being different/ Der Wert anders zu sein”:

  • The VALUE each person has for his/her environment.

  • The VALUE necessary to move, to behave and to be.

  • The human, socal and cultural VALUES we want to have and share as a group or community.

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We could also record the event to generate a “VIDEO-PILL” that summarize our experience and put it in our Homepage and social networks.

Our tools to kNETting Community:

  • Stories and conversations

  • Play and Theatre (Improv, Theatre of the Opressed and Arts related)

  • Maps and collective charts

  • Photographies and video

The main Value of the SOCIAL TOUR is “Being Different”

The basic Value of the SOCIAL TOUR SOCIAL is “Being Different”.

We want to connect with the personal value of each person into a community.

“We are BRABE enough to give WORTH to our VALUES” (“Tenemos Valor para dar Valor a nuestros Valores”)


THEATER FOR INCLUSION. https://theaterforinclusion.com/

FB _ Instagram >> @socialtourforinclusion

Read more about the SOCIAL TOUR, our VALUES or get involved in:


Support the SOCIAL TOUR: share it in social media; write us sharing your own experience of social transformation and its value; donate to co-fund the trip. We will inform and be in touch with all our supporters and co-funders.

Co-funding the Social Tour for Inclusion:

ART KO LÉ e.V.  Stiftgasse 8. 1070 Wien (Austria). ZVR-Zahl 423121836.

Bank: EASY BANK.  IBAN: AT96 1420 0200 10955719


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