Theater for Inclusion is impulsed by Colectivo Improspañol from Vienna, Austria.

This year 2016 we will promote every month concrete and sustained actions and process into the frame of the project “Walking towards social inclusion” presented here. We want to impulse personal and social transformation through Community Theater (Community cultural development).

Our wish is to allow all the collective creative processes from Austria and other worldwide places to meet and to share in a common space in July 2016: “Community cultural development and social inclusion Encounter” (self­organized. work in progress)


París Uki and Improspañol Vienna.

Over the last couple of years, I have observed how theory contrasts with practice, and how practice finds its way back into theoretical reflection. I enjoy being eclectical and build my own knowledge, I do not identify with any particular discourse, theory or author. However, I do absorb from all of them what seems relevant and resonates with the reality in which I and the persons around me find ourselves.

I would like to use this space for sharing my personal thoughts on the process of social inclusion.

As a researcher and therapist, I have spent more than 15 years delving into theory and analysing the concept of inclusion (as it relates to education). On a personal level, my own migratory background has been a unique opportunity to experience the “other side” of barriers and thus to confront the theory I had learned with the individuals and situations in this context, my own reality as a migrant in Vienna as well as the experience of the individuals in my immediate social circle.

It is now more than three years of experience working with several groups in workshops offered by Improspañol Viena / Artkolé Association. It has been uniquely enriching to tackle processes of social inclusion and exclusion from within personal experiences and group dynamics, giving center­stage to coexistence.

I now feel inclusion as more than just a concept, becoming a personal commitment and a shared social responsibility. I would like to share with you, under this premise, my perspective on the (social) process of inclusion.

Supporting Colectivo Improspañol and the project “Walking towards social inclusion” is ARTKOLÈ Association (non­profit cultural association based in Vienna, Austria).

Colectivo Improspañol is connected with more people and social organizations that collaborate, support and work together. KulturZentrum Amerlinghaus; Lebendewerkstatt Wien; Atelier Wunderbunt; Proyecto Kieu; Poika Verein; Sex Matters Vienna; Molly’s Jugendraum.

We are glad to know you and collaborate with you and your organization.

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