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A small group of dreamers met up  in Vienna in July 2016 to dream together:
How would be a community  theatre and social inclusion encounter in Spring 2017 in Vienna?
How could a common space be,  where we can share our stories and our creative process experiences?  How could we promote the exchange and the collective learning into the  community?
What would we do all together if we had no «fears«?
This is our Journey together…




The Vienna Social Tour 2016 (10.-15. July) , impulsed by Theater for Inclusion/ Artkolè Verein, was our FIRST STEP TOWARDS THE DREAM. Now, we have finished the «Dreaming-Step» and we want to share it with everyone who wants to join us and be part of this community project for May 2017.

The word “value” (‘valor’) in Spanish has several meanings, which we hope to have transmitted in our Vienna Social Tour: It  could mean “courage” or it could also mean ”value”. No doubt that both  characteristics are essential for personal development and to build the  society we want. We believe in each and every one of you, and that  another world is possible.
Our Journey starts from the basic values that frame our way together:
– Inclusion – With/for people from different settings. This is a multilingual project.
Sustainability – «we play with what we have» – Exchange- Self-management.
– Cooperative process – In process every moment. Everyone may contribute and all contributions are necessary for the process.
Self-determination – Everyone is responsible in the decision-making process.
-Care matters – You are the only one who knows what you need. Express it!
What do we have in our suitcase?
We are dreamers, pioneers, we support others, we contribute and we participate.
Projects/ activities pre-organised for the Vienna Social Tour: visits and  interviews to social projects based in Vienna. Community activities such as Cinema-Forum.
Tools for the collective creative process: Image theatre (Theatre of the oppressed) and Dragon Dreaming.
Venues hosting our activities in Vienna: MUT, WUK, Das LOKal, KulturZentrum Amerlinghaus.
Logistics: Rekolektor and bikes for a city-friendly transport; Food-sharing to recicle food and create awareness; Social-Hosting Tool.
…and the most important: the «Yes we can» attitude!
A journey together:
Our trip had three levels of participation: A) the creative process, B) the social tour around the city and C) the community activities.
Each person makes her own choice as regards her level of commitment and participation in the journey. Each person is hence responsible of her own choice.
Social  inclusion as starting point: at any point, at any stage, with any  activity, the group and the needs are different. We are living our own social inclusion process, creating and using our own tools to facilitate access and active participation.
A) The Core Level 
The collective creation process was focused on the building of a «collective dream» and consisted of  three phases: Each one of us, we found our «Personal Vision» (Creative  Movement by  Ariel Uziaga), then, we create together our «Collective Vision» (Image Theater by Ronald Matthijssen) and finally we were guided to «Concrete the steps» to reach our Dream/Vision (DragonDreaming by Stephanie Steyrer).
We committed  to the process, with the believe that each step will take us somewhere.  We wanted to walk together… and then we would see where we arrive to.
We  experienced movement, connections, non-verbal communication, flow and a  lot of joy and laughs. Group cohesion based on bodies, emotions and  equal cooperation. Less «bla,bla,bla» and more body-talk.
We  asked ourselves lots of questions, we saw beautiful images:  multicultural colorfull flowers, a Tree-life, the Fire-stories, the Sea  anemona…
Our dream was created by everyone, our plan is flexible: every step is composed of the people that want to commit with that step. We all contribute at least in one part of the process / chain. 
B) The Partner’s Level
Thanks to the Vienna Social Tour, we handel two aims: networking with a  view on the encounter in Spring; and approaching the city of Vienna in a  different and committed way through the social projects already running  in the city.
We move around the city using  sustainable transport. With Food-Sharing we could recicle food to feed  an average of 10 people during the five-day Social Tour. The Artkolè  Rekolektor is our tool to gather and connect to the different social  projects: spaces to live together, inclusive spaces, spaces for free  culture, and especially, networks: Wonderful people who work pursuing their dreams, transmitting commitment, and raising awareness towards inclusion and social justice in our local environment. Global awareness and local action.
We finished  our Vienna Social  Tour with a ¨harvest¨of the needs identified in each visit/interview and  of the things an encounter like «The value of being different» can  contribute to these projects: visibillity, community network and  growth. 
C)  Community Level
Evenings for sharing within the community. We  organized also open activities for meeting, enjoying a dinner together  and sharing personal stories through their protagonists as: Augusto Boal and community/political theater, Mentxu Arrieta and the non-verbal  communication, Lisa and Claudia and the free spaces for community  cultural development.
Where did we arrive?
At the end of our creative process, we put in a concrete form our common dream: «Open spaces in the city for the community cultural development through arts, and giving an impulse for an inclusive living together.»
To keep walking together towards our dream, we created a «Roadmap» from now until may 2017. 

If you want to know more about the dream and how we want to walk towards it, contact us through:

 What we took with us:

Moreover, in our suitcase we take with us companions of journeys, personal and collective discovery, a social network of projects and persons and a lot, a lot of love!!!
The voices of the participants: 
– «It  was a space to dream and  live the community, to take care and be taken care of, to experience  that an inclusive community and collective creation are possible,  starting with small things, but thinking in big terms. It  was interesting and important to see how much you can organize without  money (workshops, social tour, food, cinema-forum, …).»  (Alicia)
– «For me, it was kind-of «stop  and don´t think»: experience decisions (and  their consequences); being everywhere and being where you want to be; enjoy listening, bodies, laughs and cares… I felt I was listened,  welcomed and I resounded in the voices, bodies, emotions of persons I didn´t know before. That makes me trust in changes, people, settings  and other points of viewing, doing, settings... «(Celia) 
– «These encounters should happen on a global scale, the format is very suitable!» (Roland)
– «I love the values of the encounter, and I believe they are pillars for inclusion and the society I want in future.» (Abraham)
– «In general, the atmosphere was great. I feel very close to everyone and very confortable.» (París)
– «The Vienna Social Tour is a gift. The opportunity to meet people and the social projects is something that you cannot plan before visiting a city. For me Vienna is now the connection with the people. I have alive memories of the places and the people we meet». (Elena)
– «I like the experiment of creating a physical bound first, and letting the common goal arise slowly and leaving it unclear.» (Cristof).

Versión en Español

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